Neurodiversity Affirming Webinar Series for Parents

For parents of autistic and neurodivergent children, of all ages.

Join me, Neurodivergent Speech Therapist Adina Levy for a webinar packed with practical Neurodiversity Affirming information, ideas, examples and templates you can use immediately.

  • Affirming Ways to Support your Neurodivergent Child's Social Interactions

  • Affirming Goal-Setting for Neurodivergent Children


All webinars are recorded and available on-demand, with 30 days' access after you purchase.

The recordings are each around 45mins long.

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The webinars include optional captions and a transcription.

In most cases you can use NDIS funding for this support. You will receive an invoice when you purchase, which you can use to claim from NDIS or your Plan Manager.

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You can access each webinar individually for $39 AUD each, or get 2 for $65 AUD

Webinars in this series:

Affirming Ways to Support your Neurodivergent Child's Social Interactions

Recorded (48 mins), Available on-demand

You'll learn:

  • Why social interactions can be challenging for some Neurodivergent kids

  •  Some differences between 'neurotypical' communication expectations and 'neurodivergent' communication patterns & preferences

  •  How to get your child's input to work out what they want from their social world

  •  Neurodiversity Affirming ways to support social interactions


Affirming Goal-Setting for Neurodivergent Children

Recording available 25th April

You'll learn:

  • A framework for creating goals that are child-led, holistic, and mainly look to change the world around your child to be more supportive for them... rather than only having goals about changing your child's skills

  • How to advocate for your child and their goals with their support team

  • Ideas for Neurodiversity Affirming goals that you can use and personalise for your child, including goals for: understanding & supporting behaviour, developing communication skills, supporting social interaction skills in affirming ways, feeding and eating skills, understanding and accessing sensory support needs, advocacy and self-advocacy skills.


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Costs & billing are in AUD (Australian Dollars) 

GST included for Australian payments

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$65 AUD