Webinar: Affirming Ways to Support your Neurodivergent Child's Social Interactions

For parents of autistic and neurodivergent children, of all ages.

Join me, Neurodivergent Speech Therapist Adina Levy for a webinar packed with practical ideas and strategies that you can use to understand Neurodiversity Affirming ways that socialising can look for your child, and how you can support them in affirming ways.

In this recorded webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why social interactions can be challenging for some Neurodivergent kids

  • Some differences between 'neurotypical' communication expectations and 'neurodivergent' communication patterns & preferences

  • How to get your child's input to work out what they want from their social world

  • Neurodiversity Affirming ways to support social interactions


The recording is 48 minutes long, and is available whenever you are!  You get 30 days’ access to watch this webinar after the recording is available.

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This webinar includes optional captions and a transcription.

In most cases you can use NDIS funding for this support. You will receive an invoice when you purchase, which you can use to claim from NDIS or your Plan Manager.

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This is part of a 2-webinar series: Neurodiversity Affirming Webinar Series for Parents

Access both webinars for a discounted rate of $65 AUD


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GST included for Australian payments

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